Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been dismantled, it is often necessary to remove the stump too. This can be for a variety of reason such as to allow for construction work, replanting or simply because the stump present a hazard if left alone.

We have a variety of stump grinders designed for use in different scenario’s, only have a small gateway and no other viable access that’s not a problem, we have a small stump grinder that fits through the smallest of gateways.

Perhaps you a number of stumps or even a large stump that needs removing, this isn’t a problem at all we have the machinery to cater for this.

Our stump grinding is typically performed by a piece of machinery called a Stump Grinder this has a cutting wheel that is fitted with tungsten carbide teeth which revolve at a high speed and allow the operator to cut the stump and adjacent soil into small pieces.

When stump grinding has been completed you will be left with a bi product which consists of a mixture of soil, wood and stone we are able to either leave this or we can remove the bi product and replace with top soil.

So do you need a stump removed? Call 07845798942 for a free quote and advice on your stump removal, or use our contact form.